1. How can a land / tenement be obtained from the authority and from whom?

Land allotment of plots / tenements of the authority is leased to 99 years. The applicant should apply for the distribution of plot and accordingly, the following eligibility should be required for the purchaser to purchase the plot / tenement.
A Evidence that the applicant is born in Maharashtra's resident / Maharashtra / proof of work in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
B. Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation should not have own house / shed area.

2. What is the procedure for the control of plot by the authority of plot holder?

Land tenancy is leased after the plot / tenant holder is paid full premium for the plot.

3. How many days it can take to transferred from the date of lease?

After 5 years from the date of lease, it can be transferred.

4. What are the reasons for the transfer within five years from the date of lease?

After the lease, the transfer can be done within five years of the proceeds.
1) Repayment of debt / bank confiscation.
2) In case of death of the original land holder / tenant.
3) If the plot / tenant holder actually changes.
4) If a family member is suffering from a serious illness,
5) If the person in the family is seriously injured or has a disability.

5. What is the procedure for transfer of land / tenancies in authority to new persons ?

In the name of the original lease holders, the application should be submitted to the authority office along with the following documents under the one window scheme.
1) Application of the viewer application to the person taking the plot / tenant
2) Identity card with photograph of the holder / plot holder
3) Affidavit of letter of financial institution or no loan has been made if the tenant holder has raised the loan
4) Information of prescribed documents with the photograph of the applicant
5) Copy of agreement between the tenant holder and the original land holder
6) Society registration certificate and approved list of colleagues
7) Organization's consent sheet (if in the plot society)
8) Affidavit about the change in the name of the woman, or the Government of Maharashtra Gadget or Marriage Registration Certificate

6. What is the procedure for distributing plots / tenements with educational, medical / industrial / public bodies?

After publication of advertisement for the plot / tenement distribution, the authority should submit the application for plot. The application form must be registered in Maharashtra. The applicant of a medical plot must have received the necessary educational qualification. Regulations regarding this rule will be applicable from time to time.

7. What is the procedure for the inheritance of income?

1) In the prescribed prescribed format of the inheritor
2) Origin of death
3) The heir of the court or the registered testamentary
4) Attested copies of lease
5) Information in prescribed format along with attested photographs of heirs
6) No objection affidavit of other heritage

8. What is the procedure for including the name of a family member?

Under the one window scheme, the application will be submitted to the authority office along with the following documents 1) Application in prescribed format
2) Application of a proof or birth certificate for the member whose name is to be included in Maharashtra or a job in the area of ​​Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
3) Loan Repayment Certificate
4) Affidavit of no loan
5) All affiliates' identity card
6) Information in the prescribed format with photograph of the applicant

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